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A collection of short story comics, including new and previously published work. Now available from Publishing Genius Press.

“John Dermot Woods creates poem comics. His iconic images have secret meanings! A girl smiles with her foot in a bear trap. A boy plays a whistle with a skeleton hand. Woods gives us snapshots of everyday life where everything is just a little bit wrong. Look and look again.” —Lauren Weinstein, Girl Stories and Goddess of War

“John Woods is making thoughtful, refreshing, beautiful comics that you can drink with your eyes.” —Blaise Larmee

“John Dermot Woods has a remarkably agile illustration style that well serves this collection of comics stories – each reading and feeling as sharp and poignant as any prose short story – with the ending leaving the reader to meditate on what they’ve just consumed. Woods takes the seemingly commonplace, a found shoe, a dead cat, a game of king of the hill, and takes them to unexpected and remarkable places.” —Benn Ray, Atomic Books

TRAILER #4 - animated by Dan Josefson

TRAILER #3 - Josef Horáček

TRAILER #2 - Melissa Broder (dir.)

TRAILER #1 - Mark Leidner


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