No One Told Me I Was Going to Disappear

Published by Jaded Ibis Press.

In this startling, brilliant, collaborative novel, J. A. Tyler and John Dermot Woods tell a story that explores the closely linked experiences of communion and suffocation, creating their narrator’s world by setting a beat with mesmerizing sections of rhythmic prose exploded by frantic full-color illustrations. This book could as easily be described as a horror novel as a love story. The authors’ experimental techniques come together in a book that tells the most classic tale of passion and loss.

Tyler and Woods volley language and image to construct a new and bracing presentation of identity as at once smeared across a centerless space and anchored by the weight of a single human heart.

Evan Lavender-Smith

The incantatory, hypnotic examinations of ‘me and you and how we are connected’ unfold along an edge where Martin Buber meets André Breton.

Jon Cotner & Andy Fitch