I am a Professor of English and Creative Writing at SUNY Nassau Community College, and a recipient of the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for my work. My teaching at Nassau includes workshops in fiction, comics, and dramatic writing, as well as various literature surveys. I’ve recently taught a graduate workshop in Graphic Fiction for Creative Writing MFA students, as well. My pedagogy is based on identifying the fundamental building blocks of storytelling and using both drawing and writing exercises to help my students identify stories and ways of telling them they have yet to discover. I begin my workshops by offering my students challenges, and then I follow their lead as to where the lesson or course might take us.

I am available to teach various workshops on making comics, both single-session and master classes, open to all students, regardless of artistic training, and to offer talks and discussions on the vocabulary and grammar of comics. (I always ask my audiences to pick up a pen or pencil.) If you’re interested in bringing me to your campus or institution, please feel free to contact me.

Sample Syllabi